Just Did a telephone interview!!

Im 17 so ive never done a telephone interview!! i dunno if i did ok, has anyone else did one and were they successful?


Done loads - they are ok but difficult to get across your points and present yourself to the potential employer.

Should find out fairly quick whether you progress to the next stage of interviews etc as it is usually a stock answer for each question that they are looking for.

They are for sorting out the real thickos from the decent candidates


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Yeah, I have done loads of them and they never get any less nerve wracking than they were the first time so good job that you are not drunk yet. I normally am 1 hour after the interview. The thing that messes with my head the most is that I can never figure out if I did well during the interview or not, face to face or over the telephone. Anyway, have been given a couple of jobs from telephone interviews so good luck.
some questions he asked i had never really experienced because i havent worked very long, so i had to make things up, lets just hope i made some sense at least!! :eek: :eek: :confused: :confused:

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