Just bought Z2 from pricejapan - a few noob questions



Hi guys,

I've just paid for a Sany PLV-Z2 from pricejapan.com, and have a few questions regarding setting it up. It should arrive in a few days, so I'd like to get this information prepared for its christening. It's my first projector, so please be gentle if my questions annoy you =P

1.) The projector has multi-language menus - will it arrive in Japanese or English, and if Jap, how do I change it to English?

2.) How do I calibrate the projector for best image quality? I've heard there are special 'service' menus for this projector that can help get rid of problems with red - should I bother? And what does the Iris do in regards to image quality?

3.) I've heard about dust blobs, and am now paranoid that these will ruin my new investment. How can I prevent these from occuring, other than keeping the projector in a climate controlled laboratory? ;)

Thanks guys - and so begins my adventure in the world of home theatre... I feel sorry for my poor wallet and bank account.


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I'm not sure about your first question but as for the other two....

Dont worry about calibration, especially as it is your first PJ. It will blow you away for the first few films which will give you enough time to get familiar with it. Unless you end up seeing a picture problem I would'nt mess about with it. I'm not denying there are some issues with the Z2 but if it looks good to you then leave it alone.

Remember that in the absence of high cost calibration kit you will be using your eyes which will compensate for problems and mess up your calibration, it might look sorted to you after 2hrs of faffing but the next time you use it it'll look awful. It can also be source dependent. For example mine showed quite bad vertical banding when watching Lost In Translation but I couldnt fault it when playing Intolerable Cruelty.

As for dust I think its just a case of see how you get on :(, but just make sure the room is kept resonably clean.




Thanks Steve.

As for my menu question, pricejapan got back to me and said it'll be in Japanese when it arrives. So I'm going to have to figure out how to find the language option using Japanese - shouldn't take me more than four or five days =P


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HTNovice, There english manual is online
The manual shows a menu tree so even in another language the order of the menu items will be the same. Should be a doddle as the menu is fixed in size.

Search this forum for a link to the manual nd that should cut the 5 days to 5 seconds

Agree with wierdfish. Ive aviad mine (contrast/brightness/basic colours etc) never service menued it and Im still wowed by it. Also I have 2 dust blobs after 3 months and Ive only noticed them in one film. Will clean if they get more noticeable. Same with VB, only noticed it in a couple of films. At the end of the day its a budget machine so you cant expect perfection


Thanks Nunew33,

I've downloaded the manual, but am having a little trouble figuring out the order of the menu tree. Care to do a little menu training 101?


I'll be very interested to know how you get on HTnovice ... I've noticed how cheap these things are in Japan. If you don't get charged import duty and VAT, I might be tempted to get one from PriceJapan too rather than wait for my ladyfriend to come over from Tokyo.

It's ridiculous how much cheaper they are there!

Cheers, Khai


Yep, pricejapan are certainly much cheaper. I'm in Australia, so we don't have VAT, but we've got a GST of 10%. To buy this projector from a store here will cost anywhere between AU$3,900 and AU$5,000, yet I bought from pricejapan for a mere $2,300 including shipping and insurance. It'll be here in a few days - will let you know how I go.


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hi guys, am very interested too , it will be my first pj, might go 4 the panny 300 for £735, let us all know how u get on?
ps have you got the link for the japanese to english manual tree?

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