just bought the panae55


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first impressions,nice build quality,everything seems to glide out nicely,nice silver alu finish,display can be altered for the brightness of the display,

it was a pretty painless process but after upgrading from a jvc svhs (what a joke that was,pic quality was shocking) it is an absolute gem.rock solid pics even on lp its a thousand times better than the quality of SP on svhs vcr as you would expect lol.

nice set of connections very very well specified compared to pretty much everything out there,and the remote is also quite nice :) i would have preffered some of the less used buttons to be hidden under a flap but im just being picky lol.

one bad point,for some reason my bloody sony ns900 does not like anything i record in it no matter what type of discs i use.the funny thing is i doesnt mind the same discs when i burn them on a pc so obviously the pana burning software does not agree with the sony.DAMN YOU SONY DAMN YOU TO HELL AND YOUR C13 DIRTY DISC CODE.

but all in all a huge thumbs up from me and if all dvd recorders are as good a pic as mine then vhs is as dead as julius ceasar,you really do have to see the quality to believe it :smashin:


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You are finalizing the disks before you put them in you Sony aren't you?
My brother was having the same problem with his Sony 525,but i had a look and he wasn't finalizing the disks.He is using datawrite classic DVD-R.
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