Just bought: The Day Today

Gary D

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Just bought the fantastic "The Day Today" - watched some of it last night - and i have to say its even funnier now than it was ten years ago - it looks so much like sky news!!

if you haven't seen it before and you like off the wall comedy (i.e something other than ident-i-kit american sitcoms - chance your £16 and prepare to cry with laughter.

If there is a funnier news spoof than "bomb dogs" then i want to see it. in these days of "Terror" - "bomb dogs" is just so so darkly funny.

and it has some of the best menus i've ever seen



I remember channel surfing when this was on originally and the first thing I saw was the Back Street Dentist feature and it really shocked me until I found out what the show really was. Classic Tv


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Bomb dogs is the story that always comes to mind when reminded of The Day Today, I can remember it sparked quite a conversation at school the next day!

Very funny


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Fur Q spoof rap song 'Uzi Lover' to the tune of the Phil Collins easy lover makes me cry with laughter every time.


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What about farmer Chester Johnson having a heart attack in his helicopter and narrowly avoiding an old woman up a stick in a nearby field - Genius

Gary D

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the more i watch the funnier it gets - Calaterley Sisters "Businews" makes as much sense to me as the real money news.

Barbra Wintergreen makes me cry shes so funny.




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I've got this and I'm looking forward to watching it :)

Now all I need is The Mary Whitehouse Experience to be released on DVD :)

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