just bought new PC.. thoughts?


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Antec P180 Case
Tagan 580w PSU
AMD Dual Core 4200
BFG nVIDIA 7800 GTX 256 mb
Asus A8N32-SLi Deluxe MotherBoard
Corsair 2gb Ram

right, I just need a Monitor now, after a 19" Sony lcdtv which I have my eye on... just gotta build the PC now and get sorted with all the games I have missed out on through being lumbered with this 1.4ghz :rolleyes:


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Yup, nice indeed :)
My 2.4 with a 4600ti plays most stuff fine, so that setup should be good for catching up :)


Thats great..I really want my own P180 it's easily one of my favorite cases.

Sticky Mick

Sounds nice. Should keep you going for a couple more years at least.:smashin:


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I was after the p180 especialy for the noise reduction, it also looks like a cool mini fridge sort of thing.

Otherwise great specs.


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how much you get that pc for? i'm thinking of upgrading my pc but i would need new everyhting lol. gonna cost a fiar wack i bet.


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cheers for the posts...
yeah the P180 is supposed to be very quiet as its got layered panels to help with noise reduction..
altogether that lot has cost me about:

PSU = £85
Case = £90
CPU = £240
GFX Card = £340
RAM = £160
MBoard = £140

to be honest, I haven't looked into monitors that much as I have a crt upstairs that will do for a while... I will take a look into them but response time is a big factor and the Sony has one at 12ms... I know a Dell one I did look at had one at 20ms :thumbsdow


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LCD's have come on a long way, you can get ones that are reportadly 2 and even 1 ms but in all honesty if you see ghosting at 8ms LCD is not for you.


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I have the Sony Bravia V40 and that is 8ms and its perfect.. but sitting right in front of a monitor and what I will be using it for (cg stuff, 3d modelling, rendering and animation) it needs to give reasonable good quality..

Deleted member 39001

Try the ViewSonic VX724, it gets lots of good reviews and it's got a response time of 4ms.


semiskimmed said:
samsung 913n 8ms. fantastic monitor for the price

Total agree with Semi on that - got one about 1 month ago - £182 from Ebuyer - total bargin!!! Superb monitor

Lord Midas

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That's a nice bunch of kit, PhilNUK.

A tad faster than my setup. (Lanparty SLi-D, 1GB OCZ Plat Rev 2, 7800GT Extreme). My Monitor is the Dell 2005FPW 20.1" Widescreen. It's get a native res of 1680x1050.

With your kit you could play everything at that res without a problem. I know I do.

I wouldn't get a 19" LCD monitor because you'll never get the full benefit of all that kit you have. You want widescreen and maybe the 24" Dell 2405FPW. Drool worthy. :smashin:


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theres no way I could afford anything like that monitor you have Midas.. not after all the kit I have bought anyway... I might get one at a later date but go for a cheaper one to tide me over. I bought a second hard drive today (250gb Hitachi) to go with my 160gb master drive. Also got a Saitek gamer keyboard, which is supposed to be pretty good stuff... though not sure about the neon backlight that its got :rolleyes:


semiskimmed said:
samsung 913n 8ms. fantastic monitor for the price

I agree - I got one a few weeks back and it's fantastic value for money for a 19" LCD with good response time. Bought from ebuyer at about £180.

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