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Question Just bought Monitor Audio A10s + A40. Need a sub... Rel T7i or BK P12-300SB-DF or something else?

Which sub should I get

  • Rel T7i

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • BK P12-300SB-DF

    Votes: 1 50.0%

  • Total voters


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Title says it all.

Today I ordered the 4 A10s and 1 A40 from my local AV shop. I now need a sub. They offered me the T7i for £650. I said I'd think about it.

I quite like the look of the BK P12-300SB-DF. Discovered BK in this forum. Does anyone have any experience with the BK, especially when compared to the Rel?

Any other sub recommendations are also welcome. It must be down facing as I have 3 young children. It must also be available in white.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello. You didn`t mention budget, room size or your usage music/movies. I will post all the options under 1k£, white and DF that comes to mind.

BK has raised prices it seems, but they still have the old prices in some of the grade-b stuff. There is XXLS400 DF white for under 400£. New & full warranty, "Tiny mark somewhere which is hard to see". Forum members haven´t found any marks on these. Shipping 10£ in UK. Compared to P12 this has better driver and little bit beefier amp. So quite a no brainer for same money.
BK XXLS400-DF Satin White Subwoofer Grade B 5060403220394 | eBay

The REL T7i is PR design. 8" Active driver in front and 10" passive radiator on bottom. It is smaller than BK with half less power and lot smaller active driver. T-serie is towared more to stereo systems where they are highly praiced as very musical subwoofers! Extension is rather poor for more serious movie use and they cost little bit more.

Arendal Sub1 is great option as it has driver facing sideways and of course there will be mask covering it. Lot of people have it on front corner just like Arendal recommends so i think the kids might not go poking to it as you can have it close to sidewall. Some members have upgraded from XXLS400 to this and found it to be good step up! Arendal Sound 1723 Subwoofer 1

BK Monolith DF white 480£, Monolith Plus DF white 590£ are one of the best deals in UK if looking low priced subwoofer for HT use. Gloss white also available. Monolith and XXLS400 has been forum favourites about 10year time, but it depends what you are after and your budget. There is always something better. :laugh:
Monolith-DF Plus
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Hey Gasp3621.

Thanks for your valuable info. Here is a video of the room:

I would say usage is 70% Home Cinema/TV 30% Music.

Here is where the TV and front speakers will be placed...


Full thread on speaker placement in this challenging room: Question - Speaker Placement Help Needed. About to blow thousands on 5.1 speakers for a very challenging room

I called BK last week, described my situation and asked advice on P12 vs XXLS400. They recommended the P12. I think max budget is £500.

It's also worth noting that the sub will be placed very close to kitchen cabinets. Whilst its a pretty sturdy kitchen I'm a little concerned about it causing the units to rattle. I think the Monolith will most likely do this.


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I guess you spoke with Tom. BK often recommends the newer P12 for movies, but the performance between those two is likely very close. XXLS400 has bit more expensive Peerless XXLS12 drive unit and 100w more continuos power plus LRC which "adds lift to the output in sympathy with the roll of frequency, in essence this make the subwoofer act like the speaker is in a 100 litre enclosure." As i said the linked XXLS400 would be a no brainer for same money(~400£) you get a little bit more expensive product (460£). The cabinet should be identical on both! P12 has auto on/off feature though which i know is a must have for some people. Russell has wroted detailed review here; BK XXLS-400 Subwoofer Review

I think each Mono or those sealed ones can "rattle" things there when pushed loud enough with certain type of movies. I have similar room with open kitchen and can hear rattling, the sub is not even anywhere close to kitchen cabinets. But Monolith could give potentially more of those especially if you tend to listen loud. It has the ability to move lot of air and especially in larger space it should have noticeable edge in the lowest bass range 20-30hz, near the port tune. Your room doesn´t look small and personally i would opt for Monolith as it can fill the space better, but people have different tastes/needs when it comes to bass. XXLS400 is likely prefered little bit more with music which you also listen good bit, so your call. The basic Mono still fits your budget.

The new P12-PR model would have been good compromise keeping same size. It has front firing active driver and dowfiring passive driver similar way as the REL you mentioned. But if you are scared of kids poking the driver even with the mask on...
Platinum P12300-SB

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