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Just bought an XBox Mod - now what?


Ive jus purchased the Xecuter 3 CE chip and Xapt3r solderless adapter for my (recently purchased s/h v1.3) XBox. It'll arrive in the next day or two and I'll have a jolly old time installing it.

But what do I do after I've installed it? I was going to put an 80Gb hdd in (just for starters until I get a 160Gb one) and I want to set it up for all the usual stuff, Media Centre, MP3, Divx/Xvid, backups etc, but I just don't know how to go about it. I've checked out sites such as Slayer's but it all looks a bit confusing. I don't even know what to do when I install the chip as I believe there's a lot more to it than just sticking it in.

Can anyone suggest a site that gives clear, concise details as to what every XBox modder should know?


first of read as much as you can about the xecuter 3 chip, and its settings etc.
and then read up as much as you can about the install , they are easy to fit, but knowing suff before hand is always better.

as for slayers it really is as easy as popping it in an selecting an option, it will do all the work for you.

however, slayers is always outdated within a few weeks, for the main software.

be careful with some of the options on the disk, like eeprom / hdd toolz etc, as if you dont understand what they mean , and you have a mess, can render your xbox useless.

but its a start, and yes , check out xbox-scene everythings there mate


Do a search for "idiots guide" specifically in the Console forum , Kelvin helped me out in that thread with some direct links :smashin:

Xbox scene is a great site , however there is too much info. Think of all the info on here about all our little boxes of tricks , then double it :eek: .Thats how much info is on there about the Xbox (might even be more than double)

I got there in the end , just got to look at upgrading my Hd now . :D


ps xapter is good , just read the instructions properly , and really push down on it , you'll see what I mean


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All i would say is be very careful when screwing the Xapter in, dont leave to lose but dont over tighten as the thread in the xbox plastic does seem to become bare quite quickly, esp if you have to unscrew and screw in a few times.

Best way ive found is to align the adapter and screw it in enough to keep it aligned then put the chip on the Xapter turn the xbox on then press down on the chip, it should then light up like a chrismas tree, then slowly tighten up the screw until the lights on the chip stay on.

You might find that moving the xbox around may also deseat the chip, so keep a screwdriver handy.


My mod should be delivered tomorrow. I just opened the case for a dry run, seems I have a Samsung DVD drive - excellent!

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