Just bought a Toshiba 220e from RS...



...is it normal for the box to be opened and resealed? The guy said that it must be as the Toshiba is chipped, after coming from factory. Is this true. Or do I have a second hand one!?

Also I have tried doing the zoom 6 0 6 zoom thing, and it says I have "ver 1.5" and then after that it has "R2" does that mean it only plays R2 dvd's? It is supposed to be multi-region ( I can't actually test this yet as I do not have any R1 discs!)


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They do need opening.
And I think they all say 1.5 R2.

Double check that you have all the bits (remote, batteries for the remote, English manual, and DVD player ;) etc.).


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My player from RS was the same... the thing that I was a little miffed about though was the fact that the serial number on the dvd player did not match the serial number on the dvd box. I know it doesn't really make that much difference, but for some reason that got me a little concerned!


Interesting, isn't it about RS and their Toshiba 220 dvds. Got one from them a few weeks ago with extended warranty, did not open box when I got home because was waiting for a new tv from a different supplier to use with dvd. TV arrived one week later , set it up and opened dvd box full of excitment to connect it to tv. Got the shock of my life when I noticed that there were no instructions. Box had clearly been opened and resealed before but I wasn't bothered about that, how would they do the MR upgrade otherwise? But to have no instructions! On top of that the protective wrap around the player was very worn, and player did not look as pristine as I had expected :mad:
RS told me that they had received their supply from Germany, and the boxes had all had german instructions in them so had been removed by RS themselves. They kindly offered to photocopy English instructions and post them to me :eek: - obviously I said no and asked for and got a refund despite the fact that seven days had elapsed. The whole experience has made me weary of bargains, and my opinion of Richer Sounds after this is best kept private. I am now patiently waiting for the sales - I'm not in a hurry, I don't own a single dvd disc as yet so can afford to wait until I can strike the right balance between price and quality. :)



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I bought 3 Tosh 220e of RS last week, and they were all fine.

They were all in prestine condition, and the instructions were there in English too!!!


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Didn't mean it to come across like that. :D

Just sorting out x mas pressies that's all!!!


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i got one for a friend who new nothing on dvd`s.the box had been opened of course.they need 2 to add the chip.the guy said the instruction manual was not with it cos like you said they weren`t in english.i set it up for them last night.i must say the tosh is one ell of a piece of kit for 119.95.played all reg 1 discs i tried even rce ones.picture was sharp aswell.infact it only just comes a close 2nd to my panny rv60.and that is a great bit of kit.i`ll say this anyone wanting a cheap multiregion player look no further than the tosh220e

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