Just bought a new TV (xbr65x900f)


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The picture is crisp and clear, the tv itself is really nice to look at. I do have an issue with dead or stuck pixels though. I upgraded from an old 2010 or 2011 LG 55" 3D LCD tv and it was a champion, it never had a single issue and I was very happy with it.

Of course I'm not happy that this new tv isn't perfect but at normal viewing distances these 2 or 3 pixels are not visible in the slightest. Actually, when looking from slight angles they dont appear abnormal at all, it's only straight on. They aren't black either, looking straight on you can make out the red green colours so I guess that means theyre stuck.

Last night I did a scan and noticed a few, ran a youtube video with flashing colours for about 5 mins and when I went back the problem pixels were still there but I noticed a 2 side by side on another part of the screen I didnt notice before. I panicked that I caused this by playing that seizure inducing video. I tried gently massaging out this small cluster and thank god it worked, they corrected themselves. All through this though the same 2 or 3 original pixels remain stuck. The massage doesnt work, they almost appear to be deeper below the screen where touching it doesnt affect them. Im too scared to run the video again and I think my OCD will get over the fact that theyre there, invisible, but there. It's not worth making a stink to Sony and inconveniencing myself over a handful of pixels like this.

Pixel problems have never been a thing in my life so I was just caught off guard by it. Ive had many PC monitors and a few tvs and the only times in my life this has been an issue was this Sony TV and the Sony PSP, which I returned 2 of before realizing it was something I would just have to live with because they all seemed to have the problem.
Is Sony notorious for this kind of thing? They're batting 2 for 2 in my book.


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If you can't see them under any normal viewing condition, don't touch it. Returning and getting another might give the same result.

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