Just bought a new car, need advice on speakers & sub.....


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I'll be adding my Alpine 4 x 55W head unit + CD Changer. I want to add some speakers to be powered by the head unit (I don't want a seperate amp for the speakers).

Obviously I don't want anything too good, that I'm not gonna get the best out of without a seperate amp. I'm just looking for a nice quality system, that isn't ridiculously loud and I don't wanna spend a fortune.

The fronts will accomodate up to a 6.5" component with the limiting factor being the depth of the magnet, as spacers will be needed. 12mm generally seems to be the norm.

I'd like to spend at most £150 on components for the front and I imagine I could probably get something for a hundred or less that would be good enough for the head unit? What would people recommend?

I also want to add a small sub as stealthily as possible. I've been looking at things like;

http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=2456 (active 10")

They also have pre built Stealth Boxes for my car, which I assume I could fit some bits into?

They've also got some nice looking enclosed subs, I just want a little bit of bass, for not too much money, as well hidden as poss.

I assume as regars fitting, as I'm not going crazy, I can just get someone to replace the front speakers, head unit, fit a sub and cable it. I'm not gonna replace rears, I'm wondering if I should get them disconnected so as not to blow them.

Any advice greatly appreciated (even if it is a dull system, compare to ones you normally talk about)



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Audition Infinity 605cs - available for about £100


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Can I say something though. I have a spreadsheet whch shows the real output of headunits RMS.

I have a Pioneer MP 77 4 x 45 watts. Eh no it's not measure with 1% THD is 4 x 14 watts.

It is exactly the same for all other head units. Pioneer/Alpine/ etc.

A separate amp is the only way to deliver true clean undistorted RMS to car speakers.

If that's not enough to convince you then you need to buy low power demanding speakers as they will only ever get max 15 watts each RMS

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