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Just arrived - R80 dimmable reflector LED bulbs

Stuart Wright

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All our bedrooms have R80 bulbs in them, with two of the bedrooms having dimmer switches.
I replaced all the bulbs the other week with the R80 non-dimmable LEDs from Homewatt.
But last week I got a mailshot saying their new dimmable R80 reflectors are now available.
Dom at Homewatt has sent me 4 to test.
I have recorded how they dim compared to (standard) incandescent R80 reflectors. The old 75w incandescent bulb is on the left and the 9w Homewatt is on the right. Note the LED dims ok even with a non-LED-specific dimmer switch. The LED is much brighter, but that's possibly partly due to extending out of the ceiling more.
Also the type of light is similarly warm.

Here is a photo of the new 9w dimmable bulb (on the right) compared to the 7w non-dimmable R80 in the middle compared to the 75w incandescent on the left.


The only issue I have with these LEDs is the size. Because they are quite long, they stick out from the ceiling more. If I could have my way, they would be no bigger than the incandescent R80s. But the electronics which has to go in them and any necessary heat dissipation material take up a certain volume which can't be avoided, I guess.
For the moment, though, these are, as far as I'm aware, one of very few options available to folks wanting dimmable R80s, and if like me you want to save energy, they are a great option.

Comparing the cost of lightbulbs

Period to examine: 5 years
Cost of your electricity: £0.1247 per kWh
Daily hours of use: 2 hours per day

Bulb type Incandescent LED
Power in watts 75.0 9.0
Individual bulb cost £0.60 £19.95
Avergage Lifespan in hours 1000 35000
Number of bulbs needed 22 1
Total Purchase Cost £13.20 £19.95
Running cost £34.14 £4.10

Total cost over 5 years £47.34 £24.05

Using this Homewatt 9w Dimmable LED will save you approximately £23.29 over 5 years compared to a standard incandescent R80. Figures based on current electricity rate of 12.47p / KWh. The Incandescent R80s are available for £6 for a pack of 10 from Amazon, thus £0.60 each.


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Ive personally and professional used the Megaman range of LED R80's (cant remember if they were dimmable) and they were excellent.

Better than their CFL units which i always found slow to startup due to the extreme compact nature. LED is the way the world has to go!

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