Just Arrived Hitachi 32LD7200


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Hi everyone just received my new tele 32ld7200 and I can not believe how good it is. Had what I thought was a good tele a big phillips 32 100htz flat crt.The hitachi blows it away , had alot of worries about making the jump to a hd lcd after reading some of the posts on this site but how glad I'am about the choice I made. My x-box looks fantastic much better then before so glad I bought this tv. Anyone out there with doubts about lcd teles dont worry it's worth it. :thumbsup:


Yeah,it's an amasing set and i agree with you about the xbox games.I posted something similar when i got mine,the xbox turns into a new console with this tv.Unfortunately though that doesn't apply to the ps2 and GC.In fact i would say that when playing all 3 consoles on a good LCD the xbox's superiority becomes much more apparent than playing on a CRT.

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Just thought i'd get my Hitachi 32LD7200 out for lads!!

Hitachi 32LD7200
Samsung SMT-2100C (NTL) cable decoder
Pioneer DV-350
Panasonic NV-HS830


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What we all want to know is does it buzz?


Hi Guys

I had 2 engineers come round to my house this morning and one said " I cant hear anything "before I even let him in the livingroom :) Just kidding but he said he could not hear it even with his ear right up to the top left hand side and even when I was reducing the backlight he could not hear the noise change but luckily his partner was not deaf and could clearly hear it and laughed that his partner could not here it. Out of 5 friends that I have shown tv all have heard the noise..albeit I did point it out ! but I dont hold my hopes up as he warned that Hitachi could class it as normal ! Its so easy to replicate and I find the noise really annoying (especially when there is quiet scenes in a movie or programme) And when you are watching movies and you hit a silent part dark scene you just know its gonna start buzzing which totally distracts you from the main thing....the movie !!

They have taken it away with them and are going to look at it back at there office. Hopefully they may find a fault and fix it as this is the tv I want but I just cant put up with da buzzing !



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no buzz,I can confirm no buzz. Must admit though I was worried about getting a buzzer. Very pleased when it didn't buzz in fact the sound is fantastic the kids have watched a couple of dvd's the sound was excellent as was the picture quality. Very pleased up to now and looking forward to later when the kids are in bed and I can play around with settings and give it a good workout. :D

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No.. it doesn't buzz!!!

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