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Hi All,

Starting to think about surround etc,

Hoping this is in the right place!

I have a denon avr1911 Wharefedale 10.3 (currently bi-wired) floor standers next to lg 47lw650t, and a Tannoy sfx5.1 Powered sub.

The TV is mounted above an un-used fire place.

Would I be better sticking with the wharfedale diamond 10 series for my surrounds and centre? thinking only 5.1 as I dont have room for 7.1 speakers.

Edit....Although I think i may be wrong, for 7.1 i only need 2x rear surround, 2x front height speakers, 1x centre 1x sub and 2x fronts? so could i use 4x Diamond 10.SR? ooohhhh I am becoming addicted!!!

I am thinking of the following

Wharfedale Diamond 10.SR @ £90 Product - Products - Wharfedale Hi-Fi

Wharfedale Diamond 10CC Centre @ £99 Product - Products - Wharfedale Hi-Fi

and planning on sticking with my tannoy sub unless anyone thinks I would be better off getting a wharfedale diamond sub as well??

What are peoples views on the wharfedale stuff??

I initially bought the Diamond 10.3 to replace Cambridge Audio floor standers.

Thanks in advance
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Edit....Although I think i may be wrong, for 7.1 i only need 2x rear surround, 2x front height speakers, 1x centre 1x sub and 2x fronts?
Not quite. There are two possible configurations of 7.1, and you've described a hybrid of the two.

Fronts, surrounds, centre, rear surround
Fronts, surrounds, centre, front height.

You don't get both rear surround and front height in a 7.1 system. Your description left out the surrounds, which are in the side positions you usually have for 5.1.
The front-height option is only available if your AVR supports PL-IIz.

N.B. In 5.1 systems, people often mistake the 'surround' channels for 'rear' channels. They are supposed to sit between 90 and 110 degrees back from the centre, so are much more to the side than behind.

As for your speaker selections...
If you're looking at keeping with Wharfedale then I'd keep the floorstanders as your fronts. Get a well-matched centre, to keep your front soundstage nice and uniform.
Matching the surrounds isn't as important, but your room will look nicer if they are from the same range.
I'd go with 5.1 for now, unless you get offered a great deal on buying 4 sats + centre. You can always upgrade to 7.1 if you really do find you're lacking some spatiality. But unless your room is massive, I don't think there'll be any benefit to adding the extra two effects channels.


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Thanks for your reply,

I just dug out my Denon manual and it describes

7.1 (front Height Speaker) 2x front height, 2x surround 2x front, 1x centre front, 1x sub

7.1 (surround back speaker) 2x surround back, 2x surround, 2x front 1x centre 1x sub

6.1 (surround back speaker) this has 1 centre rear surround, 2x surround, 2x front 1x sub

5.1 2x front, 1x centre, 1x sub 2x surround

My room is very small, there is a drawing of it on here somewhere..... gone away to look......... found it! (modified slightly)

see what you think.




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Yes, those setups are what I think I was describing.

Hmmm, that's a tricky one to get a decent surround setup into. I don't think that you want any more than 5.1.
Forgetting logistics of moving things and purely based on audio, here's what I'd do.
For directions, I'm saying that the top of your picture is North.

Option 1
Put the TV on the West wall, where the large sofa is now.
Put a sofa in front of the 3-pane window, and use that as your main viewing position.
Get curtains that are thick/dark enough to stop reflections.
Put the fronts either side of the screen, and the centre below it.
Put the surrounds in the corners of the 3-pane window alcove.

Option 2
Keep the TV and fronts where it is, and put the centre below the TV
If they'll fit, wall-mount the surrounds just North of the west Door and just North of the East door.
If they don't fit, then how about immediately South of both of those doors?
Settle with poor effects for casual viewing. (You probably won't have the surround sound on all the time anyway)
When you want to properly watch a film, move a sofa into the space between the West and East doors. Just where the South edge of the coffee table is now.

Option 3
Stick with stereo. Some rooms just don't work well with surround. And a decent stereo system can give a good soundstage for films/TV, and it'll be much, much better for music (assuming you spend the same on stereo as you would on surround)


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you know your stuff!

I like option 1, however where would i put my 3 seater? I have 3 kids! lol. this is the option I originally thought of! lol. Got a big 50" mirror there at the moment! lol.

Option 2 would work, the first option for surround would work, i was thing of putting one north of east door in corner of alcove and the other just south of west door against staircase point into middle of room.

I still like the idea of option 1 though. trouble is all my media equipment is in a unit to the right of where the TV is now.


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For option 1, I was hoping the sofas weren't to scale, and that the 3-seater would fit in the 6'11" alcove. Sounded sensible because at 6' I can't fully stretch out on most sofas! Then the 2-seater just needs to go somewhere, maybe on the North wall?

With option 2, where exactly do you mean for the right surround? If it doesn't stick out too far into the room, I'd have it on the outer corner, immediately North of the East door. Not into the far corner of the alcove. This would get you better symmetry when you pull the sofa out into its 'cinema position'.

As for where the electronics are, you're going to have to route some cabling anyway, either for the fronts or rears. So it could just be near the back, out of view and you can put more cabling in to the front. But remember you'd also have to think about remote control signals. You can get repeaters for that if there isn't a good line of sight.
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How about......

Create a free standing stud wall at south side of room in front of stairs. Say about 4'8" wide and centred on room at that point. You could take this floor to ceiling or, if you have higher ceilings then stop at picture rail height.

Hang your tv on this wall with centre speaker underneath. Tuck your av equipment behind the wall under the stairs with an ir extender through the wall. Front speakers either side of wall.

Move 3 seater to north wall facing tv (remove and salvage unused fireplace) and 2 seater into window bay. Move unit from bottom of stairs to west wall under mirror (or create false fireplace on this wall for focal point when not watching tv. Turn coffee table through 90degrees

Put surround speakers (wall mounted or free standing ) in NW and NE corners

If you are concerned about SE speaker getting knocked then fix a 3" diameter pole floor to ceiling on E side of speaker. This will provide protection without boxing speaker in, but fix it firmly as people will have tendency to use it to swing around corner! You could put a pole other side for symmetry.
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