Just A Thought (but probably a stupid one)


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I am currently using a single back surround speaker in a 6.1 set-up. My receiver can do 7.1 and I previously had two smaller (and inferior) speakers at the back. The back speaker is a KEF centre speaker that I got in an open box sale at RS some time ago.

This KEF just happens to be bi-wireable and I was wondering if there would any advantage in "bi-wiring" the back surround speaker with the two 7.1 feeds, instead of normally connecting the 6.1 output?

I'm guessing that there wouldn't be, but this is one of those questions that pops into my head sometimes and demands an answer from those more knowledgable than me. (That's you lot :D )


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Wouldnt have thought it would make any audible difference.

TBH, I didn't think for a moment that it would, but sometimes you just have to ask, don't you?

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