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Hi Guys,

I've just bought a new 47lw650t LG TV and find the sound to be a little tinny after my last Philips Cineos.
Ive been looking at getting a soundbar and was just wondering how they worked.
In particularly the Samsung HW-D450, i'm on a budget.

I used to have a cinema surround systems a good few years ago but didnt like the fact that everytime you switch inputs , ie from Sky to DVD you had to change the sound input on the surround system.
How do the new ones work now. I know they connect with a digital output cable so does this just make the soundbar replicate whats happening on the TV or do you still have to change the settings each time I change inputs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.

Many thanks


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I know they connect with a digital output cable so does this just make the soundbar replicate whats happening on the TV
Simple answer - Yes :thumbsup:


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Cheers pal, just what i wanted to know.

As a side issue can anybody recommend a decent soundbar that would go with my 47" LG apart from the Samsung.

Thanks again


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It really depends on how you hook them up, if you connect them to the audio out (be that analogue or digital) on the TV then you won't have to change anything, of course if you hook up separate sources such as Sky Box or DVD / BD you would have to change.


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Sorry but do you mean if I connect the soundbar directly to the TV with the digital audio cable it will play whatever I put on the TV, no matter what the input.
So if I put my sky box on it will automatically switch the sound from TV to Sky and then for example, if I switch to the PS3 input it will play that.
Sorry to be so vague but I'm really sure what you mean by how I hook it up. I dont really know any other way but direct to the TV.
Its wall mounted, with the cable sunk into the wall, so the fewer cables the better. I can joint the mains and position the soundbar as close to the bottom of the TV so the audio cable doesnt show.

Ideally I would like to spend less than £300, so its probably a 2.1 system.

Thanks for your time guys.


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