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Just A Few Questions

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by farshad, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. farshad


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    Hi Hornydragon
    thanks for your recommends. sounds like good choices ... I will make more research now.
    Would really appreciate if you (or other readers) could comment my other questions.
    Please help me with these questions:

    1)- If this sound system bought in US, is it compatible here in UK or other countries like Spain or Australia?

    2)- What (else) do I need to buy to connect all in 1 system with the panny and sky+? scart board? cables? ...

    3)- Difference between Panasonic TH-37PW7 and Panasonic TH-37PW7B? Originally chose a better Plasma (Pioneer 435) but change mind, as I am moving to another country in 2 yrs (probabely to Australia, Spain or Caribbean ..., don't know yet!)

    4)- Anywhere in London you know I can test these (with or without PW7)?

    Many thanks in advance for any advice
    have a good day
  2. thewul

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    Oct 1, 2004
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    the states run off a 110 volt system so this could be a problem, you may need a step down transformer

    also the unit will be region 1 and without modification will not play any uk region two discs :mad: it is also worth a mention that while region 2 to multi region conversion is no probs, region 1 to region 2 or multi region is not generaly done in this county and you would find it very difficult to find someone producing the software or hardware to do this

    by a uk unit and it will work in spain as well :)

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