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Release date: 04/10/2021


Steelbook thread: Jungle Cruise (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Has anyone order from HMV and received their order yet. I ordered it on Monday and they still haven't dispatched it yet adn it was showing in stock. I can't cancel it now for some reason.


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Zavvi sent out my order a bit late - Tuesday.
Quite often they ship well before release date.
Maybe stock isn't getting out to retailers as quickly - although Unbreakable got shipped out a week early.

Good to see there are at least 2 people interested in this film.
Very strange this thread has had no almost no responses - i hope that's not a bad sign. i know it only got 6.6 on IMDB - i was hoping for a bit better. i guess i'll find out.


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Obviusly nobody watched it at the cinema or intends to buy it. ;)
Doesn't help that it will be on Disney+ in November.

I don't listen to reviews and don't mind going in blind if it's something I'd like to see. I missed it at the cinema so was looking forward to watching it this weekend.

I phoned HMV intending on cancelling it and buying in store but they said it was dispatched yesterday. Computer says no.


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Ah, the old status is not up to date card. Annoying when they do that. Check the date on the postmark ;)
Fingers crossed it shows up for weekend.
I'm hoping this one works out - looks interesting.


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Very strange this thread has had no almost no responses - i hope that's not a bad sign.


Been trying to ignore it it was massively advertised on my YouTube watching and it's plastered all over the place.

30 years ago this would have been called a 'straight to video' title like An Ewok Adventure. Straight to streaming is the new thing.

The trailer makes the film look absolutely garbage and nobody in it can act (or went allowed to) and the CGI looks horrifically bad.

Garbage in garbage out.

One good thing about the end of Blu-ray discs is I can ignore these special fried rice projects.

And what's with the "Disney". Used to be "Walt Disney's" then "Disney's".




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The thing that annoys me about movie trailers on TV nowadays is the date. They miss of the th, nd or st and just say the number. Instead of October 8th it's 8.


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Well, I bought it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not too proud to say it. I love 1980s style daft adventure romps in search of an ancient maguffin in a jungle.


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I went in with slightly high expectations. I really shouldn't do that.
Actually quite enjoyed it as well.
Nothing to take too seriously but pretty good fun, the main characters are likeable.
Looks like a 2K upscale - IMDB is curiously absent of such information other than it has a DI. Great, thanks.
HDR is very nice, detail is fairly good. I won't say native 4K would have been preferred - but it was absolutely fine. The HDR was really the stand-out.
I'd be interested in a sequel should such a thing show up.


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The hdr really was very nice, and it was great to watch a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I particularly enjoyed Jack Whitehall (a sentence I never thought I’d say), and one particular scene with more double entendres than ‘Are you being served’ had me laughing.

The film itself was a bit African Queen, Jewel in the Nile, bit Goonies and a touch ‘Allo ‘Allo. it’s a well done “bickering man and woman go on an adventure while racing against a comedy German” romp.

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