June 2020 Photo Competition - Voting Thread

June 2020 Photo Competition - Voting Here

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Half way through the year already!

Well done to those who entered this month :thumbsup:

The theme for June was "High Key/Low Key":cool:

Please view the attached thumbnail file to view all the entries; please let me know if yours isn't there!


TBC a huge thank you to Gordon @ for his continued support throughout the years and his offer of a free ISF calibration to a TV/projector of your choice to the winner :thumbsup:

The closing date for votes will be shown at the top of the poll and don't forget that all votes are public so no voting for yourself :nono:

Also if you have entered a picture then you are expected to vote, else all votes accrued by you will be disallowed


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The Dreamer for me this month, interesting shot and well lit :smashin:

The Dreamer

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Tough call this month (again) - with, for me, iandrews and Marika both in the running......

Both using 'available light', which I like, and both very different subjects.

I think in the end, Marika edges it - it could be a 'snap', but it's actually more considered than that - I don't know what it is, but it feels almost 'homely' and familiar. The sort of photo you'd find in a family album and just stare at, rekindling memories.


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The violin, the rose or the moon... 🤔 I think the violin looks so lovely, although I would’ve possibly used softer light and more depth. The moon, well, it sure is lovely, but we have seen many. This is not to say this shot is any lesser. It’s lovely. The rose then, well, I have a natural draw towards them, especially roses. And then there’s the car too... and the tiny flower 🙈 Not to mention the cute baby! Hard decision this month! I think I’ll have to give it to the violin. It makes me think about espresso coffee and boxes of chocolate!

The Dreamer

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The violin, the rose or the moon... 🤔 I think the violin looks so lovely, although I would’ve possibly used softer light and more depth.
I agree absolutely - I wish I had stopped down (I was wide open at 1.8), but think my lad would have given up holding the torch steady for that long! :D - but yes, a bit sharper detail over more of the scroll. Also, maybe a reflector positioned on ‘the dark side’ would have lifted some of the detail a bit, and allowed a softer light, that peg on the light side is a touch blown out.

It‘s all a learning process, and certainly shows that there’s more to taking a shot like this than might at first be considered. I’ve certainly enjoyed the process and may well use some of the ideas and techniques in future shots.:smashin:


Indeed well done :thumbsup:


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OMG, Thank you all for the votes and to @Zone for running the comp each month.

Will have a think about theme and confirm shortly.


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Sorry, completely forgot to vote til it was too late. Well done @sep8001

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