June 2020 Photo Competition - Launch & Discussion


Well done to The Dreamer for winning May's competition with this picture

For June he has chosen another good theme for the current circumstances we're in at the moment.

Lots of scope with this; and the theme is ‘High Key/Low Key’ basically all to do with the lighting!

Just to be clear folks; a camera of any description is allowed; be it a pro DSLR down to the camera on your phone; there is no restriction as long as EXIF data is recorded in the original file :)

If it isn't; then email the original picture to [email protected] to verify your entry!

TBC Competition sponsor Gordon @ will offer his services of a free ISF calibration to a TV/Projector of your choice.

Terms and conditions for ISF Calibration prize:
Prize: 1 x ISF calibration
Only available on mainland uk
Calibration will be done when Convergent are already in your area
There is no cash alternative
If winner is out with mainland UK then if travel costs are covered we will honour the prize

Also as a courtesy; I've been asked to add a little disclaimer that any entries can be added to the AVForums Instagram page; a link will be added back to your Flickr page if you have one, so you may get more traffic too :)

Competition closes Sunday 28th June around 6pm but could be earlier :D


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Not up here it isn't....... :)


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Nice theme :)


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...i'd rather it was Yale Key.......


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Had to look up what high/low key lighting is, will try to learn more and maybe post something...

1080 jawbreaker

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perfect, will maybe try and incorporate still life with high or low key o_O:laugh: Cant even find the motivation to charge the camera atm :)

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