June 2018 Winner - Colours


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Went to RAF Cosford air show, celebrating 100 years of the Royal Air Force, the other Sunday. The Red Arrows were there, as you'd expect, and they put on a very good show. Although 'Red1's' smoke machine wasn't working there was plenty of colour in the air.

Some adjustments on LR not much as it was actually a fine day, was even getting heat haze in a few shots!

I like this one because of the head on aspect.


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Cracker of an Entry :thumbsup:


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Love this. I have a huge soft spot for Red Arrows in my heart. What a great capture! :thumbsup:
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Red arrows were on my shortlist this month, so glad I didn't pick it now in comparison to yours! Great shot.


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Great shot, I like the head on angle.

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