Jumping Sky picture ? Any ideas

Matt Horne

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Every so often my sky box will output a picture which is jumping..

no matter what channel you go onto. If i turn the box on/off with the remote it goes away.. anyone seen this before.

The only change to the box recently has been using a Russ Andrews Yello power cable over the original one.. Do you think this is causing it ?




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Does it jump on all the digibox outputs?
PAL scart, RGB scart, RF or s-video if you have it.

Assuming you are connected via scart can you try another device in the TV scart socket or use another scart cable all together in an attempt to isolate the problem with the digibox internals.

Matt Horne

Well-known Member
I think it may be something to do with my video as I am getting the same prob with my DVD player.. and the DVD goes through the skybox and then through the video.. if I change input on my telly then go back to the AV channel its ok..

maybe the video is screwing the signal (i.e somtetimes when the skybox goes on I have to force it back to RGB as the video does not always seem to pass it through properly.



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