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Reviewed by Keith Hurst
Action adventure man Doug Liman teams up with a couple of well known stars to produce a sci-fi action adventure film, so it sounds great but it doesn't actually work that well on the big screen. It has all the hallmarks of an introductory piece so that future sequels would be produced and in all honesty that fills me with dread a little to see these cardboard characters disgrace our screens again. Perhaps the spanner in the works was because of the troubles when initially filming, the fact that casting had to be redone and filming restarted. I don't go for that though; the actors and the storyline never really made this anything other than a 2 dimensional type affair.

It looks as though Liman had plans for three films whilst production was ongoing and that means of course that we're likely to see another two of these. I might, just might, give the second one a cursory glance as this first instalment could have been an introduction piece and no more; I don't have much hope though for any improvement. Visually it's a good watch and there's some good audio trickery in there as well and although these rate highly enough to raise the overall score to a 7 beieve me that is done begrudgingly. I feel this is a rental at best.
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