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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 11th June 2010.
Jump gives a bad name to dance-movies. And they don’t have a great reputation to begin with. There is no requirement for decent plots, dialogue, characters or performances. All they really seem to need is a bit of energy, some style, some good dance sequences and a couple of likeable actors. The lead here just about lives up to her end of the bargain, but the rest of the movie falls apart with its low-budget, poor dubbing, random humour, generally lacklustre cast and – worst of all – disappointing dance elements. Perhaps I’m expecting too much to think that somebody could add a quality movie to the inexplicably growing sub-genre, but surely it wasn’t too much to ask for them to at least get the dancing bit right? On Blu-ray we get a very fluctuating video presentation that really isn’t consistent enough to call good, and a couple of decent audio tracks which are both shamefully marred by the fact that they are both dubbed. No extras round off a disc that really isn’t going to attract many customers. Those dance rom-com fans out there actually could do better than this, which is a shock to admit, so I’d only really consider a rental if you’ve exhausted all the others out there.
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