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Julia really needs help!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by JuliaB, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. JuliaB


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    Hello guys can anyone help me decide what to do?
    My old TV just "died" which means I am going to HAVE to buy a new LCD :)
    But that means I will HAVE to replace the old 90s Stereo with a Home Cinema System too. :thumbsup:
    BUT I have so many questions..(and didn't know where to post this thread because of it - FYI Admin) :eek:
    So, do I get an all-in-one or do I get a 250GB HDD/DVD recorder and separates or do I think, it now's the time to converge - PC Home Server & network?

    I have about £3k in total to spend and I already went browsing yesterday and think I do not have enough for a Home Cinema Sys, Hme Server, network & LCD TV as the guy in Richer Sounds ( I know, but it's where I always shopped for my first systems in the 80s) said I could get the 30" LG LCD RZ30L250 (£1200) and Cambridge Audio Azur 540 Amp (£250) & DVD (£200) Mordaunt short Speakers set up (£590). With cabling and guarantee that comes to about £2400! Good quality sound with cheap TV, but no HDD.

    I also looked at Sony Centre offers they have a 32" LCD KDL-L32MRX1 (reconditioned) (£2300)and a Hme Cinema DAV SR4W (wireless rear speakers) for £570 or DAV SR3 for £480 all with 1 yr stnd guarantee.

    So for not much more I get branded products that take up less space, and look great but will there be an audible difference in sound quality by having a cheap all-in-one sys and expensive LCD? ( I know I should start another thread about what LCD to by after reading about Sonix in Sainsburys) And what about my original thought of a HDD?

    See what I mean? Logging on to AV has brought even more questions to mind! and even confused me even though I am ridiculed for being nerdy about my music!

    Sorry it's so Long! Any thoughts from past experience would be appreciated.

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