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First let me say I have no idea about SKY TV so bear with me!

Following the breakdown of her marriage my friends husband insisted on taking the Sky box to a mates address whereupon this person would take over the contract. The reason given was that this would be less expensive than starting from scratch? The box was taken but the absconding partner still pays the subscription. (Relevance of this later)

First question: Is there any good reason for needing the physical box itself as there were apparently no stored programmes although possibly an email account was being used?

Second question: Is there any legal (maybe with court involvement) or simpler way of identifying where this box is now located if serial numbers or similar were available?

Here's why! Without going into the sordid details the belief is that the alleged mate now benefitting from the Sky service is actually another woman. Legal advice suggests that linking payment of the Sky account to the other womans property could be conclusive in determining cohabitation and influencing the distribution of tens of thousands of pounds!

A proper random thread for a techy forum but hopefully somebody can help?
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There isn't really much reason to need the physical box if their are no recordings on it. The only thing I can think of is that the permanent series links would still be set up unless a full system reset was performed, and you can't set those up manually.

There is a few arguments for maintaining the same account however.
-New customers would be required to take Sky Q and not Sky+HD unless they were unable to have Sky Q installed for technical reasons. And the person might not want Sky Q.
-Any Buy&Keep purchases are linked to the account and cannot be transferred, if they set up a new account they would not be able to access the digital copies of these purchases.
-A new account would mean their account tenure is 0 years, and with Sky launching a loyalty scheme based on account tenure, their rewards will be of lower value until they build more tenure through continuous subscription.

Sky track the history of the box via the NDS serial number, the MAC address is also used to track the boxes. If you provide Sky with this information and the Viewing Card Number they could potentially obtain the time stamp and public IP address the box used to connect to their systems, from their logs. The only way they would likely do this is if they were required to do so by a court.

You would still need the persons Internet Service Provider to identify if that IP address was assigned to the individual in question at that point in time. Again something they would only likely do if they were forced to.

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