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I tried a thread search not very helpfull. so here's the issue.
I thought the Pioneer did'nt seem up to par. Couldn't quite put my finger on it. Now I think I know what it is. Watching a DVD yesterday (party at the palace) It seemed jerky. There's scenes where the camera swoops slowly across the audience, now these scenes seemed to show a jerky juddery motion. I checked out the DVD in my PC DVD player and it seemed absolutely fine . I even got my daughter to verify what I was seeing. She agreed immediatley and said it was very obvious. I took the pioneer out of it's system which is S-vidoe toiscan pro then to panasonic AE100 projector. I tried it scart RGB into a crt (television) and it exibited the same effect there.
I contacted pioneer who confessed it was a "strange one"
Ill have to take it to a nearby Pioner service contractor. Where they will test it and if no fault found I'll be charged £16. OK fair enough, but I'm concerned that they just won't see it. By the way I have tried several DVD's.
Has any one else any experience of a problem like this?



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Hi and yes I have noticed this with my setup on the plasma.. the quicker the 'panning' from the camera, the less you notice it? I seem to find in situations where the camera pans very slowly from side to side there is very obvious 'jerkiness'.

I haven't found any solution to this and I was putting it down to the digital compression on dvd & sky. If you find a solution I would be very interested to hear it.

Unfortunately - I don't have a decent DVD player at the moment as im waiting until the DVD-A11 problems get sorted (especially with the Panny plasmas and macroblocking issue) but certainly with the kit I currently have its very obvious.




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I am not 100% on this but I think it something to do with how a film shot at 24 frames per second is re formatted to NTSC and PAL display systems, there is an article in HCC about prog scan, I think it mentioned this.

Are you using prog scan?

As I recall, it comes down to how the frames are put back together, panning shows up gaps "delay" when pans are happening, hence the increase in prog scan products.

I have noticed what you describe but do not own a prog scan display to test the effectiveness for it to remove the pan judder.



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Hi Ged,

Until I get a decent DVD player - I am hooked up to my plasma using BNC RGB. One of the reasons I want to upgrade is so I can use progressive component ..

I will obviously be pleased if prog scan removes or reduces this judder!

Cheers for the heads up,



Thanks for the reply's. I 'll elaborate more clearly.

The pioneer 565A is a new (6 months old) machine.
Ive never noticed this before until this week

The DVD's used were fine in other DVD players. With no jerky movement noticable.

I suppose the issue for me is
a) Has it always been there? I would appreciate anyone with "Party at the palace " and a pioneer 565A To see if the movements are jerky. One particualar scene when Brian Wilson first performs his songs . The camera does a lot a gently panning across the crowd and this is now showing up a a juddery motion.
b) The pioneers always been like this and I've only just noticed it.

Sky as a matter off fact seems much smoother!



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The 565 does prog scan for NTSC discs, connect 3 cinch cables to the display, navigate the menu to select the component output, setting it to de-interlace,
PAL will be converted to NTSC, which will cause problems I believe.
Out of interest are you watching region 1 discs and what setting is your players TV standard set to? You have a choice of AUTO, PAL and NTSC, auto displays the discs native display
So my advice is to
set the player to auto,
enable the deinterlacer (when using NTSC discs),
make sure the AE 100 is set up for this if it does not auto detect it's input.

If this helps the above problem dual prog scan players are now emerging at sensible prices, choose an outlet to either view or return as most kit has issues with one thing or another but a Sony 730 may be a good player.

PLEASE NOTE, as I mentioned I don't have a prog scan display, others may confirm the effectiveness of prog scan to cure this problem, if it works for LTJ it we might have it fixed.


Having just purchased a 565A as a standin until funds allow the purchase of a better player i can post my findings. I have it connected to my Hitachi plasma via a component cable(Mark Grant) and the interlaced picture is superb, much better than my old Pioneer 606d.
Enabling Prog Scan has vastly different results, via ntsc r1 discs everythings fine and to my eyes even though the Hitachi is a Alis panel it does look slightly better. However as Ged rightly says with pal r2 discs problems arise, with prog scan enabled the pioneer converts them to ntsc and i get exactly the problems LTJ comments on.
This only happens when prog scan is enabled though and vis s-video, RGB scart and interlaced component it offers a superb image, the latter being the best.
I have some issues i need advice on which i have started a new thread on
Overall a superb solid player and for £170 i certainly cannot fault it :smashin:

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