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Hi All,

I've got a 43UJ750V TV and have noticed a problem with the picture quality.

When there is a panning shot, I often see a juddering. I can literally see the frames flickering one by one. I've noticed this seems to be worst when there is close up of an object, whilst the background pans.

Is this a problem with the TV itself?

I realised that the frame rate on the 43UJ750V is 50Hz - maybe this is the issue?

Alternatively it could be a problem with streaming through the native Amazon app.

This issue is really affecting my enjoyment when watching the TV :(

Can anyone help point to what might be the cause of the issue?


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I have looked at the 55" version of the UJ750v, and was planning on buying it but have decided to hold off now having had a think about it, but this information is very interesting to hear as it is a real world end user experience, something I find very helpful.

We have discussed this on the XE70 owners thread as that is another model I have on my list, and that also appears to suffer from the same problem due to a 50hz panel.

It does appear that this tv cannot play back 24hz content without 3:2 pulldown because it only has a 50hz panel, to playback 24hz content natively you need a 100/120hz panel.

LG UJ7700 Review (49UJ7700, 55UJ7700, 60UJ7700, 65UJ7700)

'The LG UJ7700(UJ750V) can display 24p movies without judder when they are played from 24p sources like DVD or Blu-ray players and only when the 'Real Cinema' option is turned on (Settings--> Picture options). On the other hand, the UJ7700'(UJ750V) can't remove judder from 24p movies when they are played from 60p/60i sources like cable or satellite boxes.'

You could try Trumotion or the Real Cinema preset to see if it helps.

An external solution like Chromecast or Apple 4K TV is a better option as these can now be set to 24hz output which helps the apps to run without any issues.

This video explains more, it's old but still relevant.


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