Juddering pans on LG BD390 mkv's


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I'm having problems with playing mkv's on my BD390. They tend to stutter/judder when panning across the frame. I'm thinking it's a framerate issue. Is there any easy way to convert the files so they play properly please?


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Does your TV have a smooth motion option you could try turning that on though they tend to have their own drawbacks.


I would tend to agree that the judder is probably caused by the frame rate of the files being different to the output of the player. IMO your best bet would be to see if there is an option for the player to output the native frame rate of the media being played. If you convert the files then there is a very good chance that the conversion will cause the judder to be written into the file as it tries to add or remove some of the frames - to do this well takes hardware & software costing hundreds of thousand of pounds that only the likes of a TV broadcaster can afford.


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