Juddering & combing - how to fix?


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OK wasn't sure where to post this one. My basic setup

Toshiba RDXS32
iScan HD

I've got two problems which I'd like to see if I can solve. One is combing, which only occurs on Sky SD broadcast material & programs recorded onto my Tosh HDD. Happens worse on some programs than others but is very noticeable & am sure it never happened before I plugged in the iScan (fairly recent aquisition).

The other is juddering when panning from right to left, particularly when watching PAL DVDs.

My DVD player feeds the iScan via component then up to the Z4 via VGA. Settings are 576i in, 1280x720p out @ 50hhz.

I noticed the combing does not occur @1080i but I don't like this resolution because of the flickering I see on the main test pattern.

Can anyone please advise?


im interested in this cos mine does the same - my projector has gone off for a firmware update to see if that helps with the juddering - football is really bad at 720p and 1080i via both HD+ and skyhd box. the picture at 576p is exceptional. to be honest, im thinking that although the pj says its HD ready, its just pants at HD and the processor cant keep up with the image coming in - i wonder if yours is the same - mine is 3 yrs old so i suppose its time for an upgrade!


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Possibly. Hadn't occurred to me to turn the resolution down, I suppose that's worth a go. Would kind of defeat the point of it though :)

Must be something to do with the upscaling - native 720p in (e.g. Xbox 360 games) looks absolutely stunning. Mind you that goes all the way via component, not VGA.

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