I have a Samsung Q9FN tv. When playing Fifa20 on PS4 Pro (game mode switched on) I seem to get plenty of judder/lag/frame drop each time the ball goes over out of bounce for a kick-off/free-kick/corner/goalkick. I have found this issue to be Motion Plus (de-blur, de-judder) related. Whenever motion plus is enabled on any setting (even level 1/10 on blur and/or judder) this issue occurs. However, when motion plus is turned off COMPLETELY this issue disappears.

If Motion Plus is turned off I find the movement (player and/or ball) to be quite blurry. Are there any solutions how to enable de-blur / de-judder without facing this couple of seconds of juddering/lag when the ball goes off-bounce on Fifa? Any suggestions whether this is a console/game/tv related issue and are there any fixes? Any information whether this same issue occurs when you enable Motion plus on on the 2019 Q90R tv?

PS. Same judder/lag issue on any mode as long as Motion Plus is activated (even if game mode is switched off)

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