Judder after using PS5


I kind of know what I am doing with AV but one thing I noticed since I got a PS5 last week. Its hdmi directly to the TV. (LG sm9000)

The TV will operate as normal but when I turn on the PS5 and use it then turn the PS5 off, when I go back to Sky Q or youtube or ANY other viewing even netflix or Prime video or another HDMI input, the judder is massive...almost looks well out of place.....

The only way it looks normal is to turn off the Tru Motion ...
this is odd as with the tru motion on, it works fine and smooth how I want it, its just after I turn the ps5 off...

The only way to fix it is to turn the tv off and on again.... why is the ps5 doing this to all other inputs until I switch the tv on and off?

I tried to video the Judder but it doesnt show on a phone but I can see it big time.


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Well the PS5 can communicate with the TV in at least two ways;
1) HDMI-CEC - which can be disabled in PS5 settings.
2) Instant Game Response - which can only be disabled via the TV, Sony have no toggle on their side.

So turn off CEC first and see if that does anything, if not then proceed to turn off instant game response which covers the automatic game mode.

You will have to manually set the input picture mode to game that the console is attached to.

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