JS Tech vs. SCART for Panny 6 series


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Difficult decision made as to Plasma purchase... A Panny 6 series from Nexnix or AV-Sales. My only question is how best to connect a freeview box (for normal TV).

Is it through a fitted SCART or through the VGA port using a JS Converter?

In addition in terms of ease of use is there any real difference?

Cheers for any help anyone can give..



In terms of ease of use/functionality no difference. (except widescreen switching, which is iffy on scart anyway) Most would agree the scart is, like almost all plasmas, the PW6's weakness, and JS is a noticeable picture upgrade.


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Another option is the netgem freeview box which outputs (interlaced, I think) component (via Scart). I can't tell you whether it is better or worse than other options, but it allows switching through receivers that support that function.


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Customer feedback has indicated that you get a sharper picture going via the RGB to Plasma VGA unit. Edges are much better defined, and not fuzzy.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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Would this be better than the component board as I have scart and not sure whether to go for the vga converter or a YUV converter?


Generally we prefer the VGA box for freeview/cable/sky, but if you have a AV amp that can switch component video, the convenience of the YUV box would outweigh easily any trivial preference picture wise. They will both give excellent results.


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I humbly disagree with those that prefer the VGA connection. Using this input you lose control over the level of colour and the benefit of having a small increase in picture clarity is offset by the high colour saturation you have to endure on some programmes.

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