JS Tech RGB Scart to Component - (to HDMI via amp?)


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Hi guys

Apologies for the confusing title. I've recently bought a JS Tech converter for use with my Sky+ box and projector. S video just wasn't cutting it so I am now going to convert the rgb scart output on my sky box to component and plug this into my pj.

I also need to buy an amp but I think I read somewhere that if a plugged the component cables to an amp and upconverted via HDMI it would not work. Is this true of all amps?



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some amp shave video upconversion and will convert COmposite/s-video and componment to digiotal and sent ove rHDMI some will even scale to 1080i 720p but i would run component direct to PJ for sky and HDMI for HD sources.

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Hello spaceman763

Horny must have been sniffing soldering flux when he was posting yesterday :)

There is no technical reason why a Converted to YUV (via a JS Tech RGB2YUV Converter) signal cant then be converted to Digital and possibly re-scaled via a suitable AV Receiver.

Though keep in mind two layers of conversion may result in an inferior signal vs. just one conversion.


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