Js Rgb2vga Or Rgb2yuv ???


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Hi guys,

Looking to get a PWD8 or PHD8 after new year.

I am in the process of getting the cables sorted out, so I would like to know what would be the best route for the best picture - either the JS RGB2YUV or RGB2VGA convertors.

Equipment - Denon 2800 mk2 DVD -component or RGB scart
- Telewset STB - RGB scart/passthrough
- Pioneer D2011 AMP - component passthrough

1. RGB DVD >> RGB passthrough on STB >>JS RGB2VGA>>PLASMA .


YUV DVD >>AMP through YUV/VGA lead also

Which way would give a better picture??
Would there be any loss in picture going through the AMP or the STB with the passthrough's




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i have just bought a pwd8, and my rgb to vga converter came on saturday. I too was debating which to get but from what i read about both they are both excellent and the component box is based entirely on the vga one.

The only reason i went for the rgb to vga and not component was because i do not have a component enabled amp for switching and decided not to shell out for a new amp yet.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that if i were in your shoes i'd utilise my component switching on the amp!

p.s, i am currently running your number (1.) setup exactly and the picture is excellent on my pwd8!!


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i have the js rgb to component converter> to denon amp then component to vga cable to panel.dvd and x box also fed into amp on component.this leaves you with only 1 cable into panel


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Thanks for your replies guys,

I was thinking the RGB2YUV would be the best bet aswell, especially for the DVD.

Any of the experts out there had these two (or similar) set-ups running together for a comparison in PQ.



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Got the RGB2YUV one myself, but can't comment on the comparison. However, something else to think about, would you use the VGA port for PC input? If so, rather than plugging that in and out, maybe getting the YUV board, and using the RGB2YUV would be easier, but slightly more expensive.

I've got the RGB2YUV coz my amp is doing the component switching with XBOX and DVD also.




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LFCRules said:
would you use the VGA port for PC input?


I will not be using a pc on it yet - maybe in the future, but I'll probably buy a scaler by then and go in using DVI (better get a DVI cable run too me thinks)


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