js converter or amp with component out

john R1

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what would give the best results feeding pw6b from telewest,
js scart to vga or amp like denon 3803 outputting component,


how you planning on getting telewest signal to amp>

the answer is rgb to vga i have has both and the vga is sharper but you lose a few picture settings.

john R1

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simply because telewest pq is not always to clever, am just looking at ways of improving pq was using ixos flat scart to scart from telewest to pw6b


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there is no way to improve source material, you could use an iscan which can improve things a bit depends on how much you want to spend!


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An amp with component output can only convert a composite signal (composite being the worst). So, while you get component, you don't get the quality as it's from a low quality source. Therefore, if you really want componet there's no alternative but an RGB to Component (YUV) converter.

But, for the ultimate, RGB to Plasma VGA. It still gives you the best picture quality.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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