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    HI there,

    no I haven't tried it yet...been downloading all the utilities today, DVD Genie, descaler etc..

    I was so blown away by the output from the PC, that is now my Christmas "project" to build a new HCPC. [plus it's an excuse to build a new gaming one too!]

    TBH I haven't really experimented with my setup..last night while on the back of the laptop I used the APA which adjusted itself to a nice pictiure..I guess it is so much better than SVHS I didn't really care. I am now doing as you said and having a go on the boards tonite.

    The screen I am using is a high gain manual 6' from av.co.uk. They recommended it for the CX1. To be honest I wouldn't know what to look for...hence my sudden appearance on these boards.

    The noise I thought was a disaster..the 1st 10 secs or so is V-loud, but thankfully after that its ok, but like you say it's a constant noise that just "disappears"

    Your right about being a perfectionist, becoming one pronto! I remember about 3 years ago, when I first dreamt of home cinema [beyond a big TV] - I thought the quality then was awesome, even with all the chicken wire. I nearly bought a Davis DS4 for £3.5K - the CX1 is so much better.

    Tim..I agree that this is not a perfect projector, but it a Sony, I payed £1199 incl 3 years warranty [I drive a hard bargain] and for that you can't touch it.

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