[JPN] Happy Hour (2015) - check out the run time!


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This is a colossal 5h 17m long and has been widely acclaimed after predominantly being screened at various festivals during late 2015 and 2016. Thanks to @raigraphixs for bringing this to my attention. I'm hoping for a general release in 2017, but it may be pretty demanding to sit through this in a single screening; a DVD / Blu-Ray release may be easier to digest.

Taken from ThePlaylist.net's 25 films you might not have seen in 2016:

“Happy Hour”
We’re not going to blame anyone for missing out on Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s massive, 317-minute “Happy Hour,” given it only received the smallest of theatrical runs due to its extra-long runtime, but we are going to insist that you try to make the time for one of the year’s most rewarding experiences. The film focuses on four female friends who, after learning one of them wants to divorce her husband, evaluate their own lives to determine if they’re truly happy with their own relationships. The film’s lengthiness means that all four leads (who won a joint prize for Best Actress at Locarno) have the time to flesh out their roles so their arcs evolve at a gradual, realistic pace that conventional dramas can’t emulate. What’s even more impressive is how Hamaguchi pulls this off through a series of long sequences, like a group workshop or a spa retreat, that enriches the drama while deepening our understanding of the four central characters. Don’t let the length fool you into thinking “Happy Hour” is some sort of slog to get through; it’s an involving film that paces itself accordingly, and those willing to put the time in will get rewarded for their investment.


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