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I was very annoyed that the Panasonic HS2 requires a PCMCIA adapter for my SD card, and now I discover that I can't record the images to DVD for friends and family to view - what's the point ? - not all DVD players (if many at all) can play DVD RAM.
It also seems as though my recorder wont play CD-Rs with images on - else the finalised CDs aren't truely fianalised !! - can anyone help - am I missing something from the 100 page manual (I've seen better written manuals)
[otherwise I'm pleased with my purchase !!]
The HS2 will only record JPEGs onto the HDD or DVD-RAM I'm afraid. The aim of this is for people who don't have/want to use a PC to enable them to have a digital photo collection they can enjoy on their TV. Ability to copy onto DVD-R would be nice, but not many DVD players can read JPEGs off DVD so the files would need to be copied into DVD-Video format - if you want to do that you'll have to use a PC.

The HS2 doesn't play photo-CDs either. You can download the whole manual online if you goto

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