Jpegs / art @ 1080i and interest ?


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I've been taking a look at the Roku HD1000 recently

It's basically a device that offers 3 things

1. Display your jpegs @ 720p or 1080i on your plasma / pj

2. Display preloaded 'art' at the same resolution

3. WiFi networked audio from your PC using a digital coax connection

I've been looking at importing these in to the UK but the price will be approx £499 - what do you guys think - Is there a market ?

They have sent me a demo unit and it works very well - a picture from my 5meg Sony Camera @ 1080i looks amazing

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If you're just after displaying images at 1080i, a modded xbox with a component leads and a copy of Xbox Media Player (XBMP) or Centre (XBMC) is much cheaper and you can play games on it! . It will also scale DVD or DIVX media to 1080i or 720p. Not bad for £150.

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tartan, I haven't updated my Xbox media player from the one that came preinstalled when it was upgraded. It used to have problems with larger digital photo images (eg 5mp). Does the newer one deal with these better (browsing over a network share)

I'd still be limited to the svideo output though, as my screen doesn't support 480i.

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If you get a component lead, (can be bought for around £15) XMBP can output 480p or even better you can use the HD resolutions. The only disadvantage is that you are restricted to NTSC mode, although all of my PAL cames play without a hitch.
The latest build of XBMC seem to cope with JPEGS from my 5MP olympus.I have only tried viewing images of off of DVD-R and I haven't tried it with XBMP

Am I right in thinking that you have the 30" Philips LCD?
I have the 17" model and have had great success with using an X2VGA to connect the Xbox via the screens VGA socket (as my screen doesn't have component inputs). The unit also has an optical output which makes it ideal for using the XBOX as a media jukebox

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yep, the 30", no-interlaced-component-for-you philips :)

Does the x2vga convert interlaced component to progressive VGA too? Or have you tried it with interlaced video (assumed that the evox or whatever is interlaced, or at least some things might be).

If i can get that working I'd definitely hook the xbox up to VGA. If the DVD playback is any good that would also help to bypass the pixel plus (great, but not for movies)

any links for the x2VGA, and any updated utils needed to support HD on the xbox? (I have pm if necc. :p)

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Take a look at
It took only 8 days from ordering to ship form Hong Kong, and I think it worked out at about £40 including shipping

The X2VGA doesn't support 480i properly, however it can produce a slightly distored output which is fine for changing settings in the dashboard but is useless for DVD playing.

The dashboard and DVD player can however be modified to operate in 480p see this link for details
(For more info about moding the xbox see the main site at

To enable HD modes you need to first switch the xbox to NTSC mode (search for enigma mode change disc on google).
Then plug in the component cable or X2VGA. You should now find an additional option in the video settings allowing you to select 480p, 720p and 1080i.

Evox will automatically operate in 480p, along with most games that aren't HD compatible (HD games will operate in the higher resolutions).
For dvd playback and game play the X2VGA is fantastic. The difference between 480i through the Scart and 480p from the X2VGA is really night and day!

As for updating XBMP player or XBMC, there is an ftp site which has the latest builds- I have PM'd you with the details.

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got the pm, cheers.

Now I need to find out if the screen will take 480p from the VGA connector - doesn't from component.

I'll plump for the x2vga, can't resist the allure of proper 480p if it works.

Do you post regularly in the gaming forum? Just thinking we might give this thread back :D

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The X2VGA converts the component into a VGA compliant signal. 480p is 640x480 60 Hz, which is exactly the same as a standard VGA signal and as such 480p compatibility is practically guaranteed. 720p and 1080i are not standard VGA resolutions and compatibility varies between displays, indeed my screen won't display 720p (the whole screen just flashes red green, then blue once a second), but will display 1080i albeit as a 540p signal.

I don't post in the gaming forum- I actually bought the xbox solely for XBMP and only have three games (which I'm not very good at anyway!!) but I do agree that it would be worth spreading the word.


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