JPEG display on E85


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I'm in the process of scanning a collection of 35mm slides into a PC as JPEG images If I record these on to a DVD-PAM using the PC, then I'd like to know if they will they be displayable as stills using a Panansonic E85?
Also (nice to have) is it possible to put a soundtrack to the DVD-RAM to accompany the display?
I currently have a PC product called Magic Lantern which will run slide shows with a soundbite for each slide. This can be copied to a CD and made transportable, but is only playable on a PC as the playback program is also on the CD.
Thanks for any help / comments.....


You'd be better off with either of these programs:-

DVD Pictureshow 2 from Ulead http://www.ulead.com

Proshow Gold 2 from Photodex http://www.photodex.com

You can download trial versions of both programs.I find ProShow Gold better and more versatile but it is more expensive.
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