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hi, i just bought a joytech vga cable and set it up but i dont get any sound. everything is in what i think is the right place (considerin thers nowhere else it could go) but i don get any sound at all. can anyone help??:lease:


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You can either use the phono's attached or use an optical cable to an amp for digital surround
If you plug the red and white audio cables into the correct ports(colour coded) then you will get sound!!you may need an adapter if your TV doesnt have red and white ports, a phono adapter, which costs £2


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Yeah I had no sound either when hooked up my joytech vga to my samsung. You need to get a phono adapter to a 3.5mm jack which you plug in straight into the 3.5 mm jack input socket on your tv which is right next to the VGA connection. Maplin sells for a couple quid

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People have posted in the past saying that they cant get any sound by using the red/white cables but if they used an adapter it worked, sounds like what is happening here.
ye, i used the red and white audio cables and i had sound when plugging them into my colour coded ports. But i got a phono adapter, so i could tuck the wires behinf the TV. To be honest the sound quality was the same either way!!

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