Joytech sharpshooter2 & KV-32FQ75U


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I've just purcahsed a Joytech SHarp SHooter 2 which says it works with 100hz. I have a SONY KV-32FQ75U which you can change from 50 to 100 . The gun will not line up at all, it's way off. What am I doing wrong?

Should I have purchased another gun instead?



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I believe this is the TV I had too and I could get no guns to work on it via any of its settings.

I originally tried the g-con2 which didnt work, so I got a 100Hz compatible gun (the Joytech you have) and that didnt work either.

I dont think there is a lot you can do!

Incidentally my aim would move across the screen horizontally constantly whether I was moving the gun or not.

However the guns worked fine on my friends 28" widescreen TV which was also a Sony!


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i think its something to do with that drc-mf filter that the TV has that prevents you from using a gun, a friend had the same TV but has since replaced it with a Toshiba 32ZD26P which is also 100Hz but that joytech gun works fine on it.


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Any guns that work with projectors? or is this never going to happen?


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antonioconte - a bit extreme i know!!!! but my mate had money to burn, plus he's a bit mad.

Don't think guns can work with projectors. What would you point the gun at? the screen or the lens????!!!!!

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