Joytech HDMI Tri-Link Switcher and Apple TV


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I currently have a fairly old Sony 40" HD TV (1 HDMI slot), Sky HD, Playstation 3, Denon DHT-500SD and Apple TV (recently purchased). I have a Joytech HDMI Tri-Link Switcher to link them. Sky HD and Playstation 3, have been set up for some time and work fine. Audio is superb. When I installed the Apple TV in the 3rd HDMI slot of the Joytech, I managed to set it up OK, but I cannot get the audio, through the Denon, only through the Sony TV. I am no techie, so apologies if the question is nonsense, but should I also be using the Apple TV's Optical Digital Audio point? If so where should I be connecting it to, the Denon or the switcher? I had naively thought that the HDMI cable would sort out the audio and visual signals combined, but this does not seem to be working on the Apple TV. There is not much point streaming my music, if I can only play it through the TV speakers!
Help would be much appreciated.

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