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Ok folks, got a few PC games for Xmas and need a joystick to play them effectively before I chuck my monitor through the window (bit fed up of being killed 10 secs into games)

Any Ideas what I should shortlist, and where should I order them from?:cool:

Please (cant drive tanks/planes/ships and shoot at the same time -BF1942)


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Personally I have used the Saitek HOTAS setup (X36 & X35-m I think they are - Throttle and stick).

The older version was a right pain in the rear. The USB version is so much easier.

With both you end up having more buttons than you can shake a (joy)stick at. All buttons can be shifted to double the commands allocated to a button and there are upto three modes which then tripple the previous number of allocations (ie. one mode for combat, one for navigation and one for team mates command).

Now for the bad part. Saitek support (expecially software wise) is very poor. Last time I looked they hadn't brought out a programming tool that would work on Windows 2000 or XP. I ask you, what is the point of a joystick that has the major advantage of programable buttons and you don't produce the software to program it.

On a better note, there is quite a large community of programmers out there and some of these have put together better drivers and programming tools for the joystick / throttle. My setup works fine and is quite easy to program.

When I bought it the set (throttle and stick) came to around £100 in Game.

There is nothing quite like being able to play something like Mechwarrior without having to touch the keyboard during a battle.

The other contender is the Thrustmaster system but the price (when I purchased my sets) was much higher for these.

It looks like the X36 has been replaced now with the X45.

Reviw of the new version can be found at sim-news.

The X36 was all black and IMHO looked much better.

Oh and the unofficial Saitek help centre is here.

It really depends on how much you wish to spend and how realistic you want to go. The whole two hand throttle and stick combi, for me, is just so much more fun than a joystick with a little throttle slider.

Hope this helps.

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