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After nearly a year of searching, I finally received today, my copy of JTTFSOTS.

The R1 disc is now deleted so I had to scout through the affiliated amazon resellers to track down a copy. The still sealed copy I obtained cost me $47 (which is £30 approx).

Now the disc was released in 1998 via image entertainment. The picture is non-anamorphic 1:85:1 and the sound is uncompressed PCM (in glorious mono). The picture quality is a little grainy, but the colours quite bold and there is not as much print damage as you'd expect from a transfer from the original 35mm print (without any hint of clean up or remastering). There are no extras.

So what have I got for my money? Well in my opinion, one of the best, underated, intelligent sci-fi movies of the 60's. The production values are excellent, with Derek Meddings miniature work verging on the sublime. The attention to detail is excellent with the EUROSEC logo adorning all interieors and even headed paper. It's also nice to see product placements of the time, such as the Phoenixs engine being manufactured by Rolls Royce.

The screen play is tight and the acting somewhat mechanical, but this is very much a style of the era. Another great virtue of this film is the excellent Barry Gray score, which some may rate as his finest work. The title theme and especially the "sleeping astronauts" sequence are especially memorable.

The ending is a belter, reflecting the increasing cynacism of the time. It's also a must for any viewer who still has the heart of a child and likes to see mass destruction and things blown up (anyone love the ending of Tobruk?)

Now I think that "Fanderson" have a print of this movie under it's european title of "Doppelganger". If the legalities can be squared away, may be Carlton can get involved and produce a DVD of this movie, to the same standard they've done for the rest of Gerry Anderson work.

In the meantime, this is best version you can see this unsung classic.

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