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I am a reporter on the business desk at the Daily Mail newspaper. I am working on a piece about the UK's EV charging infrastructure and how easy it is to use. I'm keen to hear from as many EV drivers as possible on their experiences to make sure I get across the real picture. For example, is it a problem that networks are owned / run by so many different companies? Do you find yourself having to have several subscription / RFID cards / apps? Does this deter you from taking journeys / buying a car?
Hugely grateful for a quick chat on phone / by email with any drivers on these forums.
My deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday.
With thanks and regards,
Rachel Millard
City reporter, Daily Mail
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Please contact the commercial team on this link:

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You may be too late for your publication deadline though :( Which is a pity as I would have happily contributed.


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Daily Mail ? Nah your alright.
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