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Anyone catch the Jools Holland programme last night, with the Foos, Coldplay and the Datsuns. It was fantastic, considering it was just a small studio audience, the bands really put on a performance, they all looked like they were in the middle of a set in one of their favourite venues. Dont know if they do repeats, but keep an eye out.:cool:


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Yes it was one of the best shows for sure, except I'm not sharing Jools passion for the African stuff but who's complaining...


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Last nights show was a repeat of Friday's programme.
As usual, a great collection of musicians performing live, with the possible exception of the African segment.

Since the demise of 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'( I am showing my age!), Jools has ably filled the gap.
I am delighted that at the end of the show, there was mention of a forthcoming release of ' The Best of Jools' during the last decade on DVD.



I even liked the African music, very primal, cant imagine buying an albums worth mind you, but it could grow on me.
The OGWT with the wispering Bob H, I remember it well.
We used to get a radio programme up here on Radio Tees (now sadly defunct), called the rock show, where you got to listen to loads of unknown bands and singers. I heard the Stranglers and Split Enz before they had singles in the charts.

I will be watching Jools from now on.


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Finally managed to watch Jools Holland's History Of The Piano tonight, two excellent one hour programmes.

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