Jon Lord dies


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An icon of my youth has passed away.

Gave us some truly great music over the years, terrific performer live, and as everyone has a good word to say for him, a nice guy to boot.

RIP Jon Lord, you will be missed.


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Very sad news, one of my idols too.

Legendary performer, only saw once during the 1990 tour (Mk V - the one album 'Purple Rainbow' lineup with JLT), also disabused me of my silly mid-teen view of keyboards being a bit 'girly'.



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Very sad. As others have already said, another hero from my youth has passed away.

Nick 81

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Learned of this sad news this morning :( Jon Lord was the master of the Hammon Organ, and made the walrus moustache look very cool.

In his honour, I shall listen to 'Space Truckin' off the 'Made in Japan' album very loudly on my journey home this evening.

Now he can jam all day long with Hendrix, Dio, the Ox, Moon and Bonham.


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Not stopped speaking about it with my mates since yesterday. Grew up with purple in the early 70's as a teen. The main band I look back on that influenced the music I still listen to. Jon had that trademark Hammond sound/style. In my eyes a legend. R.I.P.


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They're playing Lazy at the moment on Planet Rock. It has just reminded me of a party with my mates when I was 17. We were all playing "air Hammond" to this track - probably the only time we weren't playing air guitar at a party :D


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They've just had a mini-interview with Gillan on Planet Rock who told this story as an example of what a decent chap Jon was-

"You know how fans quite often get their words mixed up when they meet stars, well this fan ran up to him and said 'Jon Lord I'm your hero' to which Jon replied 'Oh so you're King Arthur' "

Typical of the bloke, one of the nicer rock stars :)


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Truly sad news. There are some late 40/early 50 somethings on this thread. We all grew up with Purple in the 70's. There was a great full page obituary in the Times today on Jon.
I think that Purple's sound had far more to do with Jon's Hammond than it did with Blackmore's guitar.
We all like to say that guys who died were lovely people. I think that it was probably true in Jon's case.



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This aired 14th July but only on BBC1 East Midlands ... now on DP's YouTube channel

Deep Purple Official Channel - YouTube
BBC One - Jon Lord: It's All Music
Keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman pays tribute to his friend, Deep Purple's Jon Lord, the man who put the rock into the Hammond organ. Lord, who died last year, was always proud of his Leicester roots and went on to become not just a rock star but also a classical composer in his own right.

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