Jojo Rabbit Movie Review & Comments


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Thanks for the review. I watched the film last week on a whim and was pleasently surprised. I loved it! Any entertainment that can make me shed a tear at the tragedy and laugh out loud in joy soon after is always going to score highly with me. 9/10!

It gave me the same feeling as Afterlife season 1.


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Didn't really do a lot for me this movie, a bit like a Wes Anderson movie but no where near as good


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Thanks for the Review. For the record, I don't like Marmite but do like Waitititi's approach to Comedy; WWDITS & Thor: Ragnarok are both Movies I have returned to quite a few times.
So looking forward to seeing this :)


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I really, really enjoyed this. Surprisingly touching in places and a great performance from Sam Rockwell. One of my favourite films of the last year.


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Loved this at the cinema, soundtrack and style very Wes Anderson-esque.

Hilarious in parts, it does sucker punch you with reality at certain points too. One scene in particular, I thought I actually heard my heart snap in two in the theatre.


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Wrote a reply in the previous thread on this

It was barely above average. 7/10

It was decent enough but I always get the feeling that any film with a theme involving Jews and Nazis automatically gets higher ratings as everyone is too scared to call it average when it is.

It was lol funny in places and deeply sad in others which elevated it above just plain average. The fat boy was an awful actor. Didn't think much of the actor playing Hitler either (which was the screenwriter/director of course) - I think he could have hammed that up a lot more. The two other leads were good if not great. Scarlett was good but I didn't think good enough for a Best Supporting Actress nod.

Overall not unhappy I watched it but not worth watching again and certainly not worth the 8/10 it's riding on IMDB at the moment.
My thoughts still stand.



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Jojo's best friend stole every scene he was in for me! He suited the quirky nature of the film perfectly.

Joe C

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Watched this a few weeks ago, utterly loved it - some sensational performances in it.

9/10 for me


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Great film.


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WWDITS was one of the best films I'd seen the year it came out. I don't have any friends that seen it though,so couldn't even have a proper discussion about it.

I like the sound of this, will watch it soon with my son

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Mel Brooks was probably the only other satirist who successfully wrote a comedy screenplay about Hitlers Nazis in 'The Producers' which had a title song 'Springtime for Hitler', Taika Waititi has taken the theme one step further making Hitler into an avuncular and whimsical character.
I was attracted by the visual comedy rather than the Nazi theme itself and in my opinion Waititi has shown his natural flair for making comedy once again, though plainly he had a lot of creative courage.


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We had a film night with friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed this movie. We were a little dubious about a comedy that had a feature role for Hitler, but it wasn't the slightest bit offensive. Definitely an 8/10.


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I did like this, but I didn't love it. A good test for me is whether after watching it I can imagine watching it again. And the answer is no. usually when the answer is no and the film isn't outright bad it simply means there are no hidden depths to plunder. I think that's the case here. It's entertaining enough, but on first viewing what you see is what you get.


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Comfortably the best movie of 2019 for me. I genuinley struggle to fault it and a great follow up to Hunt for the Wilderpeople (which it just pips).

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