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All though you didn't know it the people on this forum have helped (along with viewing) me make my decision..... I ordered a Panny TH37PE50 which will arrive on Friday, I wanted a 42 but the other half wouldn't have it (this has got to be better than a 28" CRT)......The discussions on this forum have been invaluable in helping me shortlist LCD's and plasma tv's, so thanks and happy viewing.

BTW any advice on initial setup eg quality of leads, settings etc.... :D


Nice one des...welcome to the club .... If you want to follow the run in period (some people think it is unnecessary but I think it is sound common sense)....turn brightness and contrast down below 50% for the first 200hrs and avoid static images for to long (ie logos on TV channels, black bars on some films and health bars in games) during this run in time.....also take the TV out of Dynamic mode (found in viewing mode) and leave it like that forever if possible (this is very bright and garish anyway ). Check that you do this for every input (ie DVD player, sky box etc) as each has its own settings.
As for leads there is plenty of info in the forums ...generally people spend about £20 to £30 on scart leads but good cheaper ones can be found (I have one that is made by Phillips and cost me just £3.50 from Asda for my Telewest cable box lol) on the other hand my HDMI lead for my dvd player cost £50....whatever u decide to do good luck with your new tv :)
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